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Welcome to Kansas City FSBO - KC's FSBO Leader Since 1996

Our only mission is the successful sale of your property without paying a commission.

Don't be fooled by start-up mortgage companies, or banks, or lenders or even real estate

agents disguised as a FSBO business - they all have a different motive and want to sell you

something you do not need. Don't let them intercept your buyers before they call you!


Our Kansas City FSBO Store opened its doors to the public in 1996, with the goal of helping KC area consumers discover a better way to buy and sell real estate. The time was right to simplify the way real estate is bought and sold. Sellers were ready to take control over the process. We enjoy spending time rolex replica uk educating sellers about the benefits of selling "by owner", as they have been told over and over by real estate agents that they are not smart enough to sell their homes without them.

Well, we're here to say our proven success over the last 18 years speaks for itself: "A home that has been well replica watches prepared for sale, fairly priced and exposed sufficiently to buyers can ... and will, sell itself." If you are thinking of selling by owner, you're in good company. Thousands of sellers and buyers in the KC area know our sales system works. Don't be fooled by any other self-proclaimed FSBO replica watches sale companies, you've found KC's Leader, and we are on your side. Our only mission is the sale of your property. Thank you for visiting our site today - may we help you sell your home this year?  



Why sell your home by owner? Here are the facts:

1) Buyers prefer buying direct from owners and shop FSBO first!

2) We offer maximum listing exposure to thousands of active buyers!
3) You can sell fast - competing with "traditional"-listed averages!

4) Buyers know agent-listed houses cost more!
5) It's fun! Who knows more about your home than you do?!
6) It's easy! Most of our customers are amazed how easy!
7) It's your right as an American homeowner!
8) You will save thousands! (Your equity!)


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"FSBO is the only way to go. I'm a 50 something (almost 60 something) year old woman, with no real estate experience. In fact, aside from selling Girl Scout cookies, and an occasional garage sale I have no flair for selling. FSBO is both seller and buyer friendly. And you keep your equity, not give it to someone else. If I had not sold FSBO, I would have lost money. Go FSBO!"
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Pin Color photo of your property…runs each and every day, on top popular real estate web sites, every day, every week, every month!* Seen by millions of active, able & ready home BUYERS each month!

Pin Color photos of your property, description, price & your phone number!

Pin Savings on your closing fees!

Pin Professional yard sign that makes a good first impression, with your phone number!

Pin "Shown By Appointment" rider which attaches to the steel yard sign frame.

Pin Attractive directionals to place on intersections pointing in toward your property.

Pin Info Pak – attaches to yard sign for your FREE Flyers!

Pin Our famous and practical Home Seller's Success Kit.

Pin All sales contracts, forms and disclosure statements you will need to sell.

Pin Corporate relocation exposure!

Pin Professional Real Estate Photography services available.

Pin Referrals to many professional business service providers.

Pin Referrals to experienced and certified real estate property Inspectors, Appraisers and Home Stagers.

*TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: All Inclusive Ad pkgs published until:

1) the sale of the property
2) the property is taken off the market
3) the property is listed with a broker/agent, unless you use one of our affiliate Distinguished Properties MLS programs



Add our Virtual Tour Slide Show to your listing, and show your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It WORKS!

- Better than traditional virtual tours.
- Downloads faster.
- Less expensive than panoramas.
- No "fish eye" effect, clean & crisp!
- Print a brochure from your tour.

Sell Test

"Your Photo EXPOSURE made the difference!"
Mr. & Mrs. Theohary, Overland Park, KS Saved $12,000!

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It's easy to get started listing your Home For Sale with Kansas City For Sale By Owner...

1. Pick out some photos.

- Take photos with a digital camera and upload them to your computer (for backup). Photos should be in .jpg format. We will resize/fix up your photos and optimize them for our web site.

If the files are too big, you can bring them in or click here to e-mail them to us. If you have a film camera, you can have the film developer put the images on a CD. Or a Professional Real Estate Photographer can come out and professionally photograph your home for you for $125 (25 photos).

2. Fill out the Ad Order Form below.

- We will input your order on our Web site from our Ad Order Form. You may download it here Download the Ad Order Form, and bring it in with you to our FSBO Store or scan and e-mail.

3. Call us at (913) 498-3726 to set an appointment and pick up signs.

- Please complete the online form and take your photos. After processing your order we will create your on-line listing and give you a link for your review. Once you approve your listing we will activate it, print out flyers and post it to our social and national syndicated real estate web sites and have your flyers and signs ready for pickup!

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- You Can “Sell” your Home Better Than Anyone Else: You know your home best, the schools, the neighborhood, what is special about the area and the house, as well as other details about the property. A well maintained, fairly priced home virtually sells itself; your role is simply to provide additional information and exposure with “For Sale By Owner” Home Buyer’s Guide.

- More $$$ in Your Pocket: Calculate 6% or 7% of what you think your property is worth, then ask yourself: is it worth paying this much to have someone else show my property, act as a go-between to negotiate the sale and coordinate closing schedules with the lender and lawyer or title company? Unless your name is Trump, chances are the answer is NO.

- You’re in control: Nobody is going to tell you what to do. You can advertise where and how you want to (not sit by in frustration because “they’re not doing enough”), schedule showings when it’s convenient for you, talk directly with prospective buyers yourself, even take your house off the market for awhile if you can’t find the right house for you. You aren’t obligated to a 3, 6, or 12 month contract...you make your own rules.

- Less Hassle and Frustration: When selling by owner, you don’t have to leave the house because an agent wants to show it, or clean every morning before leaving “just in case”. You know when people are coming, and can prepare accordingly. And when a buyer makes an offer, there’s not all the frustrating back-and-forth telephone tag between agents to reach an agreement. It can be done in less than 30 minutes, and end with a friendly handshake and smile between owner and buyer.

- Less Uncertainty: Because you meet the prospective buyers, you have a much better idea how interested people are, what they like about the home, how serious they are about buying and what their time frame and situation is. Direct feedback is easier to live with than wondering how things are going, or worse, why no one has made an offer yet.

- Always the bride, never a bridesmaid: You can be sure that buyers are truly interested in your property when they visit because they have personally made the effort to be there.

- It is Easy: “If you can show your own home, you can sell your own home...it’s that simple” said one of our home sellers. And he’s right, once your find a buyer, lenders, title companies take over. Use FSBO-KC as your best advertising resource and our professional yard signs and pointers to direct the buyers to your home.

- We Are Local: Stop by The FSBO Store located on the NE Corner of I-435 & Roe. Kansas City For Sale By Owner, 10635 Roe Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66207, Johnson County, Kansas, (913) 498-3726, info@fsbo-kc.com, www.FSBO-KC.com

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